6-9 Years




  1. RAZ – Online reading program for leveled reading and comprehension
  2. Phonograms (blends, digraphs, and long/short vowels)
  3. Book reports and elements of stories
  4. Public speaking



  1. Mechanics
  2. Word Study- root words, compound words, affixes, homophones, synonyms, antonyms
  3. Creative writing – journal, stories, descriptive, letter, paragraphing, informative, persuasive, narrative
  4. Spelling tests
  5. Poetry
  6. Printing and Cursive



  1. Identifying articles, nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, adverbs, and subject-verb agreement
  2. Functions of all parts of speech
  3. Sentence structure and analysis
  4. Types of Sentences


  1. Concept and process of operations (+,-,x,¸)
  2. Place value
  3. Skip counting
  4. Word problems and critical thinking
  5. Graph – reading, analyzing, and building
  6. Concepts of time, money, measurement
  7. Fractions with operations
  8. Introduction of Algebra, squaring



  1. Basic concepts of point, line, surface, and solid
  2. Geometric shapes and three-dimensional solids
  3. Study of lines, and angles
  4. Complex study of plane figures



  1. Parts of plants, the study of leaf, root, seed, stem, flower, and fruit
  2. Functions and types of plants
  3. Research and guided report writing



  1. Study and classification of all five classes of vertebrates (fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal)
  2. Body functions of animals: movement, protection, support, nutrition, circulation
  3. Taxonomy


Physical Science

  1. States of matter
  2. Water cycle
  3. Erosion
  4. Physics experiments


  1. Great Lessons
  2. Astronomy- Research of planets in the solar system
  3. Fundamentals Needs
  4. Clock of Eras
  5. Research on Timeline of Life (Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic, and Neozoic Era)

Practical Life Skills

  1. Care for the environment
  2. Cleanliness and Organization
  3. Animal care
  4. Grace and courtesy
  5. Responsibilities of concentration, task completed, time management, and independence
  6. Leadership in a community
  7. Maintaining inner peace



  1. Geology – Layers of Earth
  2. Basic Landforms
  3. Puzzle mapping of continents
  4. Country research
  5. Study of atmosphere and hydrosphere
  6. Civics



Tuition Details:
All programs require a $200 enrollment fee.

Lower Elementary Program:

$650 per month for ten months